History When we met Simply Clean & Green, they had been in operation almost two years.  Until they met us, they were using standard online templates for marketing literature and were ordering their marketing products from an online print giant.  The first question we asked them was, "What is your vision for your company?"  This is something that the online print giant had NEVER asked.

Objectives:  Simply Clean & Green had three objectives.  They wanted to better brand themselves with their existing clients, they wanted to increase their clientele, and they wanted to increase awareness of their "green" initiative and cleaning services.

Our Help:  We started with the basics.  Simply Clean & Green had a logo, but the resolution was poor.  We recreated their logo in vector format and completely redesigned all of their marketing material to solidify their brand, including new business cards, Facebook graphics (view here), custom Quickbook templates, and vehicle decals. Next, we focused on increasing brand recognition with the help of the employees.  We provided the employees with embroidered polos and smocks, custom screenprinted tees (which doubled as living billboards), and logo-imprinted bags.  Finally, we helped our client show appreciation for their existing clients with basil planters made of bamboo and custom greeting cards. Through our services and products, we have helped (and continue to help) our client work on all three of their objectives